Monday, December 28, 2009

The caravan

The organization „ Aeschylus Arcade» presents its artistic proposal for a mobile exhibition, as part of its cultural activities.

The general idea includes the use of a caravan as an exhibition space, which will be positioned in different locations of the capital and later it might travel outside of Nicosia. The aim is to have the thematic of each „exhibition” related directly to the location and having references to its history, architecture, tradition and also to the political moments that the location might be connected to, always expressed through an artistic point of view.

The project will be executed in collaboration with the municipality of Nicosia regarding the search for the locations, the authorisation for the use of these locations and for the promotion of the project.

The artists interested in participating in the project and have a proposal for a specific thematical “exhibition” are been called to submit them to the email address: or to mail them to the address: Aeschylus Arcade, Aeschylou Street 75b, 1011 Nicosia, until the 15th of April 2010.

The phone numbers 00357 99 686209 (Demetris Neocleous) and 00357 99 433418 (Panikos Tembriotis) are also available.

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